4 Companies Rebranded Into 1 Powerhouse in 4 Weeks

Rebranding is hard, but rewarding when it all comes together on the launch date.

When a company we were working with decided to purchase a couple of companies to expand their capabilities, all eyes were on them as a growing with no cap in site. A private equity firm saw the potential in the team and bought all 3 brands, and then added a similar 4th– then said “Let’s merge everyone together and make a serious dent in the industry.”

4 companies rebranded into 1 in 4 weeks.

What NSG built, designed, and launched:

•Logo – four concepts were presented and the final was tweaked to perfection.

•Company Message – blending each brands concepts into one corporate message.

•Website – all content, copy, layout, backend SEO, secure forms, and super secure hosting.

•Photography – industry photo’s of final product in the field, new plant photo’s and more.

•Employee Bio’s – representing the company is very important.

•Print and Online Advertising – finding creative and direct ways to show the public a new brand.

•Press Releases – using our connections, our press releases were published without question.

•Magazine Coverage – obtained a cover photo and magazine feature in leading industry trade publication.

•Trade Show Booth Design – it might be small, but the challenge was taken to bring awareness at shows.


Launching over a holiday weekend.

When given a due date (or launch date) for a brand new corporate company, we do our best to meet that deadline. To launch an all out assault over the entire planet comes down to the team. Time and time again do we hear of firms missing launch dates with excuses to back up why it wasn’t met.
But no excuses are given at NSG Consulting Inc. for missing launch dates. Not the weather, not the web designer, not the PR connections, not the budget, and never the client being difficult.

Over four weeks, phone call after phone call after conference call, meeting after meeting after meeting, we kept the client involved throughout the process to make sure that we understood what the board of directors were looking for and that they were happy with each step of the launch.