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The DSLR camera changed the game for photography some time ago giving us digital images that were able to be edited quickly on a computer.

Then the smartphones gave everyone the ability to take great quality photos almost putting the professional photographer out of business. Applications like Instagram allows everyone to edit images and video giving them impact and feeling that influence people to do something. 

 NSG Consulting's camera crew shoot with different types of camera's big and small, handheld and flying. Then edit in Adobe and Apple products like Photoshop, Premier, After Effects and iMovie.

NSG's team of photographers and video editors have a passion in what they do and it shows in the work they produce.

Using the best equipment from DSLR camera's, DJI drones, and yes, iPhone's, the team captures the most interesting and professional angles of a scene or product that will impress your audience and ultimately influence them to contact you. 

 Discuss your photo or video projects and ideas.

Let NSG Showcase Your Brand and Products 

Have you thought about a commercial for your brand? Whether a new product, service or perhaps a how-to video gives your customers a chance to experience your brand at a different level. Putting a good light on your brand and it’s products stands nearly above all when trying to promote and gain new business. At NSG Consulting we have both the equipment and know how to get the right eyes on your brand with a High-resolution, professionally edited and informative videos. We take the time to learn what your goals are for each individual project and discuss which products would be most beneficial to promote. We’re here to help from concept to delivery and always keep your brands best intention in mind. When you build a successful commercial strategy, you can expand your brand reach and drive customer engagement.
Create Messaging That Illustrates Your Value. You’ve got to create a direct and simple message of WHY your brand should matter to your customer. Most consumers don’t have the time or inclination to figure this out on your behalf. Your brand must create a story that answers the question, “why you?”
In comparison to other social media channels, YouTube’s users tend to spend more time on the platform. This is great for small business looking to drive more attention to their ads. On mobile specifically, YouTube reports the average session time is more than 40 minutes. Below we discuss one of our recent projects, the goal of the business owner and how NSG Consulting was able to help deliver a memorable commercial used to introduce their new ceramic coating service.  Visit the link to see the commercial:
Orlando Video Production for A Brilliant Finish Ceramic Coating
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About This Video Production 

Orlando Florida local, Eli Pedone, has built a mobile detailing business around the quality care that he and his team bring to you, the customer. Eli hired NSG Consulting to make a commercial for a service and product he offers called “Ceramic Coating” with (the product) 9H that protects the surface of basically anything. 
This video was purposed to show the different uses, benefits and value of ceramic coating because it is highly recommended for the entire surface of boats, the outside of cars, outdoor kitchens and more. 
NSG Consulting Inc. specializes in giving companies, big and small, a professional online presence using great photos, videos and trusting content to attract new and keep current customers.
Email [email protected] to learn how we can help bring your brand the the next level. 

NSG Hired for JetSurf Orlando Featured Video

This video was produced by Chase and Brett for JetSurf Academy Orlando to be used for marketing and training purposes. The point of this video was to capture what an experience at the watersports complex is like, how easy it is to use a JetSurf board, and that it is fun for almost all ages.  See more about what went into making this video on our blog –>> JetSurf Orlando Video by NSG Consulting Inc.

Geoffrey Studio in Orlando, Florida

GeoffreyStudio Art Framing Featured Video

Filming and Editing by Chase and Luis for GeoffreyStudio’s fine art framing at FAVO art gallery. This video follows Geoff step by step as he assembles 4 custom picture frames of a Nike Skateboarding poster collection that came out around 2009 with four different shoes with four different professional skateboarders.