Business Owners, Sales Reps, Manufactures, Service Providers, you all know that showing up on search engines is important for your companies during a search for your products or services. You also know they need a mobile friendly site.

But we ask ourselves every day—why are we stilling see so many sites that are at least 5-10 years old that are not ranking for keywords or mobile friendliness?

Because most of you remember how costly, and time consuming it was to build that site. You don’t want that same experience.

Here are a few website we’ve created from scratch, modified, updated, and/or optimized.

Custom Audio Shop
Lake Resort Booking
World Famous Chef

Today with custom themes hosted by options like WordPress, Squarespace and Blogger – great ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, and Amazon – it is no longer as difficult or costly for developers and web designers to bring you a user friendly website that brings in the type of customers you are looking for.

Here at NSG Consulting Inc. we can help you fix your sites or build new websites make to make your customers happy, stay on the site longer, and talk to others about the site. Because now you are giving them a great user experience with easy to use functions to buy products, place a call or send an email.

Online Shopping ecommerce
Ecommerce Websites Available
Photography and Video for Websites Too.

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If you are overloaded and want to improve your website ranking look to NSG to meet your long term SEO goals.
 Are you having trouble with your website SEO? NSG Consulting is giving you a Free SEO report in PDF format with a 15 minute evaluation of how to understand the report to improve your companies or business’s SEO and online presence. SEO Report NSG Consulting  It used to be a mystical term — SEO. People were talking about it everywhere–at coffee shops, restaurants, on trains, planes, etc. 

SEO Report NSG Consulting

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Today, everyone seems to claim they understand it and know it is important. This is good! Most companies have finally made SEO an important marketing task.

This is also good. Then— why is it that some websites are still not up to snuff?  

What do you get with the “Free SEO Report” Website SEO Report Results:

– Areas for Improvement or Adjustments

– Help with SEO Task

– Report of Backlinks

– How Social Media Can Help

– Advice on Driving Traffic to Website

– Development of Landing Pages

– Keyword Cloud

– Marketing Tips

– Advertising Consultation

– Website Hosting Offer Through Amazon Web Services – 3 Months Free

How we effectively build backlinks

– Blogging and contributing to forums

– Increase traffic by sending out emails, running ads, create landing pages

– Building up your social media sites so you get these backlinks

– Submit articles to key industry publications and local media

– Add company to industry directories

– Post videos

– Get business reviews

– Add business to local listings

– Answer questions on Quora or other sites

– Regularly submit your sitemaps to Google

Build Your Email ListHave your website convert visitors into your email list as another way to tell them more about your business later.