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NSG consists of Nanette(Owner,PR Expert), Geoff(Husband&Creative Manufacturing Lead), Chase(Son&Project Lead), Jordan and Ryan(IT Leads), Jason, Milan and Brandon(Design Team), Luis, Chase, Brett and Ian(Video/Photo), Raychel and Missy(Copy/Content Editors), Todd (Content Creation and Publisher

everyone who helps keep the pulse beating at NSG.

Chase Gregory Marketing Consultant

Sr. Partner

Chase Gregory

Chase has a passion for sales with improving businesses by marketing in ways that he's learned from decades of hands on experience in the Extreme Sports, Automotive, and Industrial Manufacturing Industries. His goal with every client is to increase sales leads and influence these sales through different angles like video, photography, copyrighting, building landing pages, develop online and offline advertising, and hosting, updating, and managing professional websites.

Nanette Gregory

Nanette has helped businesses use a combination PR and SEO tactics to improve a reputation within a year after some negative news, lawsuits or to increase business value before sale. She is also very capable of running backlink, content marketing, website development/ SEO, social media and email marketing programs.

Sr. Partner

We're hiring!

Part-Time Social Media Position

NSG is looking to hire a social media coordinator for a part time position. Must have experience with social media platforms, advertising, and a little bit of graphic design with Photoshop and/or Canva. For more details on the job and to send your resume, please email office@nsgconsultinginc(dot)com

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