Public Relations

Today, Public Relations is so much more than sending out press releases to the media your customers might read.

Public Relations should include case studies, customer testimonials internal messaging to employees, community goodwill articles, crisis management, introduction of new products- services- employees, executive leadership interviews, technical white papers - speaking engagements at key industry events, promotion of trade show activities, and much more.

Just like every other marketing tool, content development/writing and Public Relations has gone through some big changes in the past few years. Some of the changes are positive and others produce challenges for those still using traditional public relations methods.

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The Challenges:

1- The competition for attention for your content and press release is at an all time high. Because anyone with a computer and decent email publisher/ blog list can send out content and press releases over and over.

2- The turn over in editors and bloggers today is constant . Thus, you must work hard to have a current database of relevant editors. Even if you use costly services PRNewswire, even their list gets old fast, so even though you think you are reaching everyone you are probably not.

3- Servers at publications block emails they see as spam, this includes press releases and why it is very important to work with a reputable firm/individual with good contacts to ensure your news gets through.

The Good:

Today, it doesn’t matter what industry you are in there are so many more opportunities to get writing and trade press attention compared to a decade ago. Not only do you have the traditional media to sent press release to. Now, you can use the writing/ content on your website, in emails to your customers, send them to online bloggers/ publishers, free online PR outlets, social media and more.

Every piece of writing that is posted or shared along with coverage by the industry media earn backlinks, thus improving your search engine optimization efforts. If the link is from a high quality publisher, customer or social media site, it will show up in search results for you company. This can provide potential or current customers with additional evidence you are a trust worthy company because they see your product, service or technical advice often in a variety of media outlets .

NSG Consulting Inc. Gets Real Results

Promotions or Public Relations is not necessarily hard to do.

So why do so many companies fail?

It takes a good amount time and consistent effort to see results.

Most companies PR programs fail because no one is willing to commit to the effort year after year.

NSG Consulting gets results because we are extremely persistent and consistent in our efforts. Don't believe us---ask to talk to some of our current and previous PR / promotional program customers.

What sets NSG Consulting Apart?

-NSG will make sure the PR program works in conjunction with all of the other yearly marketing activities--we never work in isolation.

-Works extensively with your sales and marketing team to adjust program as business goals change throughout the year.

-Help you develop a PR strategy based on your yearly business goals. Then, we start to track results to make sure you see an increase in website traffic, website sales leads, phone calls that can be traced back to a particular PR piece. 

- Track all pieces of coverage and compare those against the cost you would have paid if you placed an ad online or in a hard copy of the publication. We provide monthly and/or yearly reports.

- Share all PR on social media platforms, share and like key editors social post, 

-Go trade shows with you to meet face to face to meet with editors, vendors, and customers to establish a stronger relationship in order to help discover potential editorial opportunities, work with vendors or customers to put together case studies or testimonials.

If your content or press release doesn’t earn coverage within the first three days to get attention we figure out why and rework the piece until we earn the coverage you deserve.

Don’t charge fees like those large agencies in New York or LA. Even though we cost less— we will get you the results you deserve. For example, we helped many clients an annual PR budget of $25,000 a year receive close to or over $1 millions dollars of coverage compare to what it would have cost to advertise for the same amount of space.

- Have lots of proof of great results we have earned for our clients that we would be happy share with anyone interested in a PR program: [email protected].

- Plenty of press releases, case studies and other content we have developed for other clients to share with you. See one example of longer technical piece we created: Stahlin AWEA paper

How Executives Should Communicate During a Crisis

The days of "no comment," communication, and lack of transparency rarely work very long for any executive today.

Today, employees, suppliers, and / or local communities via social media put manufacturers in the spotlight with negative news.

Before a crisis gets out of hand, I suggest you sit down with 2-3 vital team members and hash out what your message will be. Don't involve more than 2-3 people because just like in a kitchen with too many cooks---they will spoil the broth.

Most importantly, your message needs to be honest and provide enough information to convince your employees, vendors, and customers. It must convey that you genuinely understand the situation and have a plan for moving forward.

Next, brainstorm on what questions you might get from all fronts. Come up with at least one solid reply.

Next, start making phone calls to key individuals that have a significant stake in your company and relay the message. Be prepared to answer questions they might have because they will have concerns.

Then email the message to all of your other stakeholders, such as employees, vendors, and suppliers.

If the crisis continues---do it all over again.

Bottom line—communicate quickly, honestly, and often.

Importance of Your Business Reputation

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