Consistent Posting on Social Media Can Set Your Brand Apart: NSG Consulting Can Help

Posting regularly on your social media pages, other online groups and forums, and your own website is crucial in the identity of your brand and is an important marketing tactic to set your brand apart in any industry. Having a Social Media presence this day and age is just about an absolute necessity, and having a good one can be a key factor in your customer choosing you over your competition. Consumers don’t know it, but they are looking to have that on going conversation with the brands they are purchasing goods or services from. It makes them feel a part of something, to feel included, accepted. When someone trusts you that way, they will be a customer/client/friend for life. 
When examining your page or your competition, the frequency of posts is something to observe. Inactive social feeds are a bad look for brands, plain and simple. Rather than let your Facebook or Instagram sit dormant for weeks or months on end, you need to stay relevant day after day with fresh, new content.

Best times to post on social media platforms
Best times to post on social media platforms, Call us for a free consultation.

Some quick tips to help you stay active include Incorporating social scheduling to save time and energy. Picking and prioritizing your social networks based on your audience location. Finding ways to reusue or repurpose content so you’re not always trying to create 100% new content. Keep your posts to an appropriate length. Posts that are too long can be burdensome and unappealing. That goes for the use of excessive hashtags in posts too. Hashtags are a great way to join the conversation about a trending topic but too many can be cluttered and ineffective. 
Staying active on social doesn’t have to take up all of your time. Through scheduling or simply blocking out 10-15 minute chunks throughout, you can post content and respond to customer concerns without wasting time. Also, you can try to base your activity around the most efficient times to post to maximize engagement. Don’t be scattered in what you share via social media. Show what you know and share what your audience will find relevant to their lives. The goal is to be relevant and authentic. 
To run an effective social media program it should not be looked at in isolation. Social media should be looked as a tool to help you communicate your company messages to more people compared to doing it only on a website or through a PR program. It needs be part of your Online Presence Program
Based in Orlando, Florida NSG Consulting is available for hire to give your brand that consistent message with fresh, new, engaging content to keep your customers wanting more! 

Social Media Publishing Schedule
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