Four simple tips to improve your experience on LinkedIn

 1-Have a plan for LinkedIn

   For example:

  • Connect with peers to learn and share expertise/knowledge
  • Reach out or connect with future customers
  • Learn more from experts in your field
  • Educate or help others in your industry

2- Improve your profile with just a few changes

  • Add a photo –it helps you to build trust online. It does not need to be professional shot. Yet, it should be something of— you really being you.
  • The Summary is the most important section of your profile as many people will not look any further if it is not interesting. It should NOT be a resume. This is the area to simply highlight your skills to demonstrate how you can help others through your capabilities and knowledge. Developing your summary/ story should be ongoing process and ideally updated at least once year to include new skills or focus.
  • You should try to add media such as a paper/article or projects as it is a great way to share your knowledge.
  • The experience section should be short and sweet—It should NOT be a resume.

3- Make a real commitment to use LinkedIn:

  • It does not matter if it is 15 minutes a month or every day—you just need to be consistent.
  • Be kind every time you log on, check the top bar for any pending items in red numbers and respond!
  • Publish a post. We know it is not easy to find the time to write or decide on a topic —yet it is a great way to become well know in your industry quickly.

 4- Frequently search for individuals, companies and groups that you can add to your newsfeed–this is a great way to engage with others outside your immediate circle.

  • Don’t get overwhelmed by the large number of results—narrow the available options by using the advance search feature on the far left as a way to narrow down your choices.

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