Grab the latest edition of the i4 Business magazine and you’ll find Chase in the Marketing Spotlight section!!
He speaks differently from others in his career which is why we think it makes us stand out. Not being so normal can be a good thing.
As a professional athlete, it takes a lot more than just your skills. You need the business sense to help drive sales of the products and brands you represent. Chase has learned from first hand experience what it takes to sell a product. From idea to design, to distribution and marketing, he has been a part of each step for decades in a number of different industries.
The i4 Business Magazine highlights our senior partner as a Brand Ambassador in the Marketing Spotlight section of the November issue on page 31. As the son of Nanette, NSG is honored and proud to have Chase at the helm, driving business and managing projects 24/7/365. If a client ever has an online issue or marketing idea, or even a marketing emergency, Chase is there to pick up the call.