The 5 Most Common Digital Marketing Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

Today, having a digital marketing strategy is an essential part of executing any sort of marketing plan. When small business owners get started in their new endeavors, most of the time their priority is providing quality products and services. Digital marketing offers a lot of benefits, especially for small to medium size businesses and it is important not to ignore the opportunity of growth certain strategies can provide. Underestimating the power and effectiveness of digital marketing is just one of many mistakes business owners fail to recognize when it comes to growing their business. Digital marketing is more than just building a website and opening a social media account. 


In this article, we’ll be covering the 5 most common digital marketing mistakes small business owners make.


1. They focus on the number of likes and followers 

While having thousands of followers and likes can be attractive and boost your dopamine levels, there is one thing in social media that is a tad bit more important… Conversions! Yes! Conversions get your ideal customers one step closer to completing an online checkout. This entails calling for support, completing request forms, and  filling out a contact form. 


2. Not having a digital marketing budget

Organic traffic is a good indicator of quality content and products however you can increase your qualified leads by investing a small amount of money into social media and google ads. This can increase traffic to your website or even physical location. Search engine ads allow small businesses to compete with other businesses, local or nationally recognized, when managed effectively.


3. They are speaking to the wrong audience

It may seem effective to expose your business to a large audience however this can also be unproductive marketing. It is important to recognize that a larger audience does not really matter when in fact you should be focusing on who your target audience is. It is important to understand who your target audience is so that you can create and communicate messages that they find appealing and attractive. 


4.Not tracking results 

Running digital marketing campaigns is crucial but so is tracking the results. You do not want to repeat the same strategies that did not work in the first place. Monitoring your campaigns is crucial to ensure awareness of what was successful and what was not and what steps to repeat and what components not to try again.


5. Not implementing SEO

There are a lot of benefits to utilizing seo strategies that can be very beneficial especially for small businesses that rely on local seo. It is important to be aware of what aspects of seo are necessary to perform so that your business can show up as one of the top results on search engines such as Google. 


As a small business, marketing your business online can be intimidating and distracting to your overall operations. Be sure your marketing efforts are precise and try to avoid the mistakes mentioned above.


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