One of the questions that we often get asked is:  Why WordPress for my website platform? Isn’t my old site good enough to use for my website revamp project?  What is WordPress?  Is WordPress Free? 
The answer is Yes to All.
Let’s tell you why, to each of those top questions. 
  1. Is WordPress Free?
Yes, you just need to download it from their website and add the file to your server. 
(If you don’t know how to do that, email us and we can help you out)
  1. Isn’t my old site good enough to use for my website revamp project”
Yes, any website can be fixed using the same tools already in place, and if you don’t know what your site is made with, more than likely you site is already using WordPress. Our staff is trained to handle small business and corporate sizes websites.
  1. What is WordPress?
While WordPress started as a blogging tool, it has evolved throughout the years into a efficient and powerful website builder as well as an excellent content management system. In fact, WordPress is at an advantage due to its blogging content roots. It’s by far one of the cleanest, fastest ways to write and publish photos, blog posts, sliders, embed video, and that’s all included right from the start. Then there are millions, literally millions of themes to use for free, or for a small fee. 
  1. Why WordPress for my website platform?
At NSG Consulting, we, along with 39% of the web, believe WordPress is the way to go with web design.
By design, WordPress is very SEO friendly out of the box if you know what to do. WordPress automatically generates title tags and meta descriptions for all of your pages and posts. This lets search engines know about your content, and it will get you indexed and potentially moved up in the rankings.  On top of that, its user friendly design gives you areas to enter these description to photos and content pages or posts manually if you need to show slightly different information. 
This is why WordPress sites tend to rank higher than others in search engines. 
You can also use WordPress SEO “Plugins to further optimize your website for content, but we don’t recommend them due to the plugin and WordPress giving search engines too much info in different orders of importance with different content. Our websites don’t have problems being found on the internet for the keywords they represent. 
The ability to incorporate many different types of media like photos and videos into a WordPress site is another beneficial aspect of the platform. It comes with a built-in media upload to handle images, audio, and video files. Websites need images to differentiate and stand-out. WordPress makes updating and rotating your images and content easy to do. 
Did you know that, every website designed by WordPress is different
After applying a theme or layout to your site there is still ultimate of room for customization. There are many different builders that sell very well for WordPress like Beaver Builder, WP Bakery, Visual Composer, and many others. When coming on a new website backend with WordPress, there is a high chance that you’ve never worked with the same builder. 
And now WordPress has its own page builder/editor called Gutenberg that works well for a beginner to the platform and you don’t need to buy a theme to use it. 
The website platform has proven itself time and again, with countless positive review about its performance, expandability, and ease-of-use and supported by an overwhelming user base. At NSG Consulting we along with 39% of the web believe WordPress is the way to go with web design. 
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