Increase revenue by blending your sales and marketing departments

Increase revenue by blending your separate sales and marketing departments—Into A Growth Team Instead  

We think we can all agree there is nothing like a well-run team. These teams are the ones that win high stakes games, have fun doing it, and often are unstoppable.

As outside consultants, we often have the advantage of being an observer in sales and marketing meetings. Every company is a little different, but we find it most common that both sales and marketing act as separate departments and increasing revenue is more challenging when a business is set up this way, especially when compared to an integrated sales and marketing team. 

Having separate departments often leads to different agendas, goals, and mistrust. Don’t believe me?

Watch this video:

Because each team has a different agenda they end up not trusting each other. The worst part of this lack of trust— your company loses revenue.

So, how do you build a well-run team to increase sales?

Your “growth team” should be made up of talented sales and marketing people that are all financially responsible for increasing revenue.

It should include a variety of people with skills such as:

-Hard Core Closers

-Customer Service

-Inside Sales/ New Lead Follow Up


-Data Analysis

To make sure the growth team is successful, you should make sure:

-The group meets every month to discuss your leads to figure out what worked and what did not.

-They must be held responsible for all the leads that come in and the marketing material produced.

-Devise a useful measurement tool based on what you define as success for your growth team. For example, do you want to see a 5% yearly increase in revenue? Then come up with how many new leads need to come in every month. Figure out much should each new account be worth?

-Pay them well because they are helping you secure the company’s future.

Let us know if you need help developing your “growth team.” [email protected].