Temperature Testing for Manufacturers To Ensure Safety of Workers

The world has changed and manufacturers are going to have to change with it. As you open up and try to get back to full production you will need to ensure the safety of your workers.

One of the ways is the make sure everyone entering your building does not have an elevated temperature, a possible sign for COVID19 infection.

Thermal imaging is one quick fairly inexpensive way to at least isolate the person until further testing can be done.

FLIR is one of the companies that offers a wide range of products. For those more cost conscience and looking for ease of use you might consider their FLIR ONE Pro – iOS – Professional Grade Thermal Camera for Smartphones – with VividIR and MSX Image Enhancement Technology. Click image to learn more. One comment in the reviews of the product said you have to have them open their mouths for the reading to be accurate.

We are not experts in Thermal Imaging, you should do your own investigation before making any kind of purchase or using for testing your employees.

FLIR Thermal Imaging For iOS temperatures manufacturing