Want On Google’s First Page: This is how to improve

Creating quality content is amongst the most important tips getting you to Google’s first page.

The best place to put this content is on a well designed website. It is best to contract a reputable website designer to make your page because if you make it yourself on a cheap or on a free site builder host like Wix.com , you will struggle, spend a lot of time learning, and most likely have bad feedback about the “cheap look” and find yourself complaining about it for years.

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Likewise, you’ll need to concentrate on the nature of the content, it has to match your company. For example, if you are a manufacturer having fashion design tips on your is not a good fit.

Google likes to see heaps of content with correct sentence structure and spelling, backlinks (referring to related content elsewhere), images labeled properly with both Alt Text and Descriptive Text; captions look good too!

All website text is considered for SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) , it even considers what the name of the image was that you originally uploaded to the website (label them with keywords before uploading anywhere). The more you post and your visitors read and watch videos on your site, your ranking should improve over time. Remember no matter what you read nothing will happen over night, unless you are spending a lot of $$$ on ads.

In the event that you trick them to visit the site or they generally promptly leave and search for something different, your rankings can be docked.

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Along with quality content, original content is equally important . You’ll be docked for copying your content over various pages of your site and you’ll likewise be docked for posting another person’s content.

Simply center your efforts around making post with quality substance for your audience that is original.

Keywords are Google’s are still powerful tool for website owners. It can be found on Google’s AdSense page . Keywords are the triggers that tell Google what your site is about.  Use Google Analytics to find the best keywords for your business. Then, use those keywords in your text.

Don’t overload the text with the keyword, if you do Google will notice and penalize you in terms of search ranking. But you should use it at least several times and continue to monitor in the future to make your site relevant .   

Using image and page descriptions will greatly improve your chances of reaching the first page on Google as well. Your website code allows you to add invisible descriptions for pictures and pages. Use these, and try to fit at least one keyword into the text. Having one at all will help your rankings. If you don’t know how to work your html code to do this, get your website designer to help you.

Along with descriptions, headers like H1 and H2 text sizes are another piece of the site code where you can include content. Utilize these and attempt to fit at least one catchphrase into the content. By having at least one at all will support your rankings. In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea how to function your html code to do this, get your web specialist to support you.

Working to have quality backlinks can also increase your Google search ranking.  Backlinks are typically your content that potential customers can click on and to your website.

Find this free backlink tool from Neil Patel here

Discover sites that are in a similar industry, location or have a similar target customer as yours and check whether they’d be willing to do some cross promotion. You can likewise contact important online journals and get some information about visitor posting. If they allow you to publish your website “link” on their site, but make sure it is quality content or you will have a tough time finding places that will post your material.

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Post, post and continue to post on social media with relevant content.

Social media likes and offers are view as important by search engines like never before. Nowadays Google notices post that have engagements, particularly post with subjects that are relevant to your website. This implies you need to work hard create good social media post and construct a base of followers who will like your pages and share your post with their online community.

When someone from a social platform like Facebook and Instagram clicks on your website link from let’s say your About Description on your FB page, Google sees it as a positive signal for your brand. This is why social platforms come up in search for your business and we have even seen some social pages, outrank websites. This could be because there is more activity on that platform for you business than your website.

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Being active in the online community is just as important as social media and you should look at it like joining the conversation of your potential users, getting to know them better and understanding what they like.

Don’t post in forums that your business “is the best”, but offer good answers to peoples questions. They will discover you because it is you who gave the good answer.

Also be sure to update your website regularly. Google rewards sites which see regular maintenance and updates. This means IF you’ve been ignoring your website since 2015, you’re potential customers could have trouble finding you. Find small ways to update it: new pricing, news blog posts every couple of months, photos from events, new services, or new employees profiles.

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