A Little TLC for Small to Medium Business Websites Will Help Increase Your Business

A Little TLC for Small to Medium Business Websites Will Help Increase Your Business

I visit a lot of websites every day. I see many that haven’t been touched in 6 months and some even for 2 + years. This is not a bad thing if you don’t care about losing business. But if you do care about losing business then you should read on.

We know most small and medium businesses have a lot of important things on their plate. So, hearing you need to worry about one more thing probably does not have you jumping up and down for joy.

I have found if you do give your website a little TLC by every month you will see an increase in business.


By not losing the people who visit your website because they can’t find what they need or the information is obviously old.

I am sure you have experienced finding information old a website such as a sales rep or tech service contact info to only find out they have NOT been with the company for some time. For me at least, it makes me question how on top of things the company really is and if I should do business with them.

A good goal for your website should be to make sure your visitors find what they are looking by keeping everything up to date.

This is why investing in a website management program is a smart move.

But I am sure you are probably saying what does this program accomplish?

Here are the basic items a monthly website management program should include:

1- Running monthly Google Analytics and Website Score reports to ensure nothing odd is going on such as a lot of spam traffic (high bounce rate), an increase website loading speed, broken pages, social media links that don’t work (run into this a lot), images that take a long time to load, links that don’t work, etc.

2- Check your webserver data to make sure the site has been running 24/7. If not spend time find the cause.

3- Take time to update the site with information such as new products / services, new personnel, blog post, list of upcoming trade shows or company events, etc.

4- Remove outdated content.

5- Make sure everything is locked down so hackers/spammers are not gaining access to the website, emails, contact information, etc.

I have a small business client in Tampa, Florida who had been ignoring their website. I now manage the monthly website management program. Today, the company is getting more calls for quotes than they had before I started to help.

If you have time or skills to do this on your own great! If not NSG Consulting can help. We typically charge $200- $500 a month (depending on size of website and # of monthly updates requested).

Contact Chase Gregory to learn more: 407.340.8573 or [email protected].