Digital Transformation Panel at the Plastics News Executive Forum

The Digital Transformation and Plastics Manufacturing panel on March 6th at 3pm at the Plastics News Executive Form.  This closing panel will look at the rapid emergence of digital manufacturing in plants and operations and what that will mean to processors and the industry as a whole.

The panelist include:

Rajiv Menon is founder of Informulate, an Orlando, FL based software and innovation consultancy that employs Lean and Agile methodologies to simplify and solve complex business problems.

David Marshall is a senior manufacturing executive with corporate culture development and operational excellence expertise.David most recently was President and COO of Robroy Industries, as well as a board member, where he oversaw this manufacturing organization’s four locations in the USA.

Gary Stein is currently Chief Technical Officer at Orlando, Florida based Alpha Proto. Alpha Proto is multidisciplinary product development and design engineering team for manufacturing and production. Gary has over ten years experience developing autonomous robotic research platforms and advanced sensor systems.

Nanette Gregory has been involved in the plastics industry for over 20 years.She also helps clients move digital assets over to Amazon Web Services (AWS), reduce cybersecurity risks and use data analytics to improve business processes.

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