WPBakery Crash with New WordPress Update 5.0.1

With a lot of popular sites using Visual Composer by WPBakery, there are bound to be a lot of people freaking out right about now because of the newest WordPress Update. There are 3 things in this world that scare me the most; my family getting ill, a barely missed car crash, and WordPress/Plugin updates.

1.Last week, my Aunt was sick in the Hospital for a week, but she’s home now.

2. I haven’t had a near miss with death recently.

3. WordPress just sent out an update 5.0.1 !!!!!!

Updating WordPress to 5.0.1 will leave you with an unfamiliar look to your Visual Composer’s page editor. Clicking on Edit or the name of the page in the page list, will really put you in a panic if you’ve never seen code like from WPBakery.

After you update, your page builder screen probably looks something like this….


But thanks to the WP forum, the selection of “Edit with Visual Composer” in your pages list will solve this issue. NOT “Edit” or the Page Name.

Or from the landing page is you are on and as long as you are logged into WordPress, you can find “Edit with Visual Composer” in the dashboard bark at the top of the page. Do not click on Edit Page.


I have found that with huge file size high res images and lots of plugins, this editor may run a bit slow. But it’s not the only slow editor, so don’t feel like you need to kill your site to start over with another build platform. WPBakery makes a great builder and I will continue to use them for certain sites.


Email me with any questions: [email protected]