Facebook PPC Results For Small Business

For a small business, Facebook advertising can really drive your business growth even with a small budget. On a good day, we can see clicks that are $.46 per click. (those are decent keywords and demographic targeted, not “Gucci toilet” that’s only $.02/click)lol, see more on that below.

Google AdWords is more expensive because the competition is flooded. There are also a lot of more things to consider when using AdWords, like how well your website matches the ad campaign. If your website or landing page does not reflect your Adwords campaign to-the-T, your ads will suffer and more money will be spent just trying to figure it out.

YouTube Ads are even more complicated. You cannot just make a video and hit “Boost Post” like on FB.

Google AdWords is where you manage your YouTube ads. I have had countless calls with AdWords and their YouTube team, but they don’t know, and I’ve heard too many times they say  “Spend more money and you will figure it out from the data you get.”


Spend more money to figure out your platform? Gosh, aren’t you going to at least invite me to dinner or something first?

This screenshot below is typical for NSG to see in ads and in boosted posts on FB for a small business looking for local traffic.

Facebook PPC small business results

On a decent day, Facebook ads for small business offering services for plumbing can see close to $1/click. These two ads averaged $1.12 for the last 60days. We should bump up the budget since we are getting such good results.

On AdWords, you are more likely to see clicks costing you more than $2 and upwards to $4 per click when servicing a demanding industry.

See this article posted by a Houston Marketing Agency that shows the most expensive keywords in that area for many industries as well as the cheapest. It’s a great read and you will have a better understanding of what I am talking about.

Here is an example of the data that is displayed.


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