5 Marketing New Year Resolutions for 2018

Marketing resolutions for 2018

1-  Make sure marketing and sales continue to interact regularly together in order to produce better content, brochures, videos, social post, etc.

2-  Improve the tracking of your sales leads. Where are things falling apart? Pick one area to fix first—- such as initial contact or follow up,  passed on to outside sales or something else? Make a plan to fix it in January. Check back in March to see if you notice any improvement. If not re-evaluate and fix again.

3-  Improve content to convey the real VALUE of the company’s services or products to customers and potential prospects because standard product sheets, brochures, videos, etc. no longer work.

Don’t know what makes you company better than the competition?

Take the month of January to figure it out. Start by collecting input from customer service, shipping, sales, accounting and/or any other staff that talks to customers regularly. Then take your most valuable product and/or service and conduct A&B testing of your new value statements. Next, start using the best one from your testing and track traffic to website, request for samples/demo’s and sales. Then share results with the rest of team to get their feedback and adjust your efforts.

4-  It is now even more competitive and tougher to stand out with Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc ads. In 2018 to get better clicks, (they stay on your site for more than 30 secs) you will really need to improve your online ads. You may think traditional sales words are corny, but they still work.  Think about what made you click to buy on-line recently. We bet it was words like shop now, buy now, book today, free shipping today, free sample, etc. Start using them in your ads and make sure you have a good landing page for them to learn more, buy, or call for more info.

5-  Make sure you continue to earn reviews on Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc. because they help make it easier for potential customers to make a decision buy. Most importantly address any negative reviews are right away!!!! Even if it is on a weekend!!! Negative reviews will kill your sales fast.

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