SEO Tip of the Day: Backlinking Shared Content

First off to be said about this post; Don’t give your webpage a backlink that leads right to your shared content.

The more clicks and the more visitors from a backlink to your site, the more strength that backlink is given which gives your site better SEO marks. A link to your site from another one also gains strength and authority when the visitor to your site spends a good amount of time on it, clicking around, reading around, watching videos and even filling out a form. And when I say form, it is as simple as an email newsletter sign up form.

Example: A skateshop we work with,, won an award from a local popular magazine and to share that type of content is great for their followers to see. On social media, we post a photo of the front cover of the magazine they can pick up, we post an Instagram Story of the event to show we attended, then a photo of the group at the event on all platforms the next day. For the Blog content on the website, there are a couple of backlinks I can add to the post to give the company a great and properly executed post. Even though the post will be short, my point is to give value to their followers by giving them something to do besides look at a picture or two.

This is where Backlinking comes into play which will “give the readers something to do.”

    Here is the page with the content we are sharing. But I don’t want my post reader to read the same content as soon as they see MY post. I do want this link in the post (at the bottom) because this page has the shops website link in the post (a great backlink) and backlinks need to link to each other. That is a rule and a strategy you need to encourage in your marketing department to realize. Google loves when websites backlink to each other.

magazine award for skateskop in orlando
Orlando Weekly Best G’s

    Instead, I want to give them the link below to see other winner first, then I add the link to the content at the bottom of the post for a source.

orlando weekly best of winners 2017
Click to See All Winners

On this page, the readers from my backlink can find more winners without searching the site. This page here does lead to the Shops Award Page but it takes a few clicks (which will give my post strength.)

Our point to post this way is to give our readers something fun to do, like read more winners in industries/categories that they also like, not just being selfish with out own award content.

To see exactly how this post is built, click over to Galactic G’s Blog Post

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