Have website developers gone too far to improve search engine rankings?

How do you simply buy a product? Again…..”simply.”


You are at the grocery store and you need a specific product.

There are isles that are labeled for you to find what type of product you need. The products are fairly organized but you still spend minutes looking through all the other products on the isle you don’t need, just to find the product. Then you have to shop by brand and labeling.

Then all of the sudden, you see the product you need in a stand-alone display in a random place not in any isle.

You go right to the display and pick up the product and go right to the cashier.


Now think of about buying on the internet and using search engines. (A.I.)

Remember Google has to pay every second you don’t find what you are looking for.

Search engines like to show the right display of the product, so you can get in and out and back to your day.

It’s simple! To the point! And gets the customer what they need in the shortest amount of time ultimately saving everyone money, even you!

If your website is like the grocery store, packed with so much stuff— making it really hard for a customer to find what they need. Then more than likely, they will get frustrated and not want the product anymore.

Old techniques of cramming content and data into websites with 500 keywords on a page is no longer the best way to make sales. Now, Google only cares about companies that give customers the best experience possible.

Plus, people are not spending time on websites like they use to so they are not going to read all of your content. We have seen many clients that have seen time on site drop from 3 to about a 1½ minutes.


Customers want quick answers and an easy way to buy your products or services.

This is why we are building simple, clean, and fast websites that are only focused on improving sales.

But a simple website is much harder to build for SEO than a bloated one.

Because it means you need to know your customers really well and what words and images will motivate them to make a decision to buy. This takes a lot of work to pare things down to the essential but it will be so worth it.

The technique to build a “simple” site:

  1. Have the most emotional and powerful image for people to know they have found their solution.
  2. Give them the option to buy right away.
  3. Give the benefit of the product.
  4. Give the features of the product.
  5. Show testimonials of happy customers.
  6. Build your footer with contact info and another way for them to purchase your product or service.

If your website is not improving sales— contact us for a free quote on how to make your current site simpler or build a simple site from scratch: [email protected]