Quilts by Kim Gregory

Kim Gregory has been making quilts since she learned it from her mother, 30 or 40 some odd years ago.

They are hand stitched and machine finished for the straightest of lines and the steadiest of hands.

Materials include: Cotton Fabric



Do you make every single quilt on your website?

No, I know other quilters and want to show off their work as well as give someone the opportunity to purchase one.


How fast can you make a quilt?

That varies widely because of the details of the quilt.
For a smaller quilt, 4weeks.
For larger bed sizes, 8months


Are you making money on other peoples quilt?

I will not take a commission form another persons work at this time.


To have your quilt presented here for show or for sale, or will like to inquire about purchasing a quilt and/or having one custom made; please email [email protected]


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