Improve your “digital personality” in 2021 and beyond.

As online activities continue to grow, so does the need to improve your online presence and digital personality. Especially because the spread of COVID did not slow down in Q4 as many as of us had hoped. We are not going back to all in-person meetings or shopping in brick-and-mortar stores until our hearts content.

Thus, building your digital personality and online presence is even more important as we move into the future.

So, you are probably thinking oh…we just need to do more digital marketing.

This is not a bad idea until you start realizing all your competitors are doing the exact same thing. I listened to an industrial podcast last week where the CEO stated… “It’s really crowded out there”… at least 5-6 times in the ½ hour show.

Why is it crowded?

Everyone is doing online demos, videos, webinars, email marketing, advertising, endless post on social media platforms, etc.

During 2020, I found after attending webinar after webinar, virtual trade show after virtual trade show, almost everyone including myself, are still pretty stiff digitally and our personalities are pretty boring.

One way to set yourself apart from your competition is to develop a digital personality. Don’t feel bad if you are not sure what that is. Most people and companies have not really developed a digital personality yet.

What will your digital personality be?

I found this test on digital personalities a good place to start thinking and planning:


I ended up being a Hunter:

Now it’s’ time to you start to work on building your digital personality.

  1. A good place to start is on LinkedIn. You can no longer just like or share a post. The goal is become someone that can get others to join conversations. Make real comments, send real messages such as “I liked what you had to say in this XYZ video and be really specific what you liked.  If you do it genuinely you will be able set up a phone call or zoom meetings with potential customers using LinkedIn.
  • Once you get a good sense of what your digital personality is, start making new videos. Post these on LinkedIn, your website and use them for virtual trade shows. Get a simple set up to record these videos in your home or office. We like the SunPak Creator Vlogging Kit . It includes decent microphone, smartphone mount, tripod, LED light and remote.
  • Purchase a digital sales platform like StorySlab make your presentations be more individualized and interesting. This tool allows you to easily share and view all of your marketing content with the participants in your Zoom call or Teams meetings.
  • Get comfortable attending Virtual Trade shows with your digital personality. Start chatting, hosting educational sessions, putting on product demos, etc. during the show. Keep doing it until it become second nature.
  • If you really want to be thinking about the future and your digital personality… take a look at how New Balance is creating its’ new digital personality. The brand is adding avatars to some of its new product offerings. Consumers can dress up their avatars in New Balance apparel.

Think I am a little crazy that you will be using avatars soon?

Let’s look at the online game Fortnite. Fortnite saw a record turnout of 12.3 million attendees to its virtual concert starring rapper Travis Scott. 

I can see future trade shows and local community event that have us walking around as avatars and talking to other avatars. Because we are not going back to pre-COVID times.

If you want to be part of your customer’s online conversation next year and in the future, you will need to expand your online communications and digital personality. 

Need someone to talk to about building your personal or company digital personality for 2021…email: [email protected].


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