4 SEO Tips To Improve or Maintain Your Rankings in 2018

SEO for 2018

There is a lot of advice out there to improve your Search Engine Optimization “SEO”. But we have found that trying to do it all can make you crazy and cost a lot.

If you have a tight budget and decent Google rankings— there is no reason to stress over SEO in 2018. If you simply just focus on these four items you could see an improvement or keep your ranking—- without breaking the bank.

1-  Make sure your site is protected with HTTPS. Today, everyone wants to be secure when visiting a website. So if you want people to feel comfortable to do business with you, you should make the switch to HTTPS.

How a HTTPS Secure website appears vs Unsecure in Google Chrome:

2-  Regularly refresh images and videos on your website, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Use a mix of photos/video taken by your own staff to prove you are human. Then, save some of your budget to hire a professional photographer/ videographer to come in at least 3 X a year take higher quality images/video to mix in with the rest.

3-  Add content consistently to product pages, blogs, social media sites and news sections. We typically recommend at least once or twice a month. Even if you don’t have time to write something yourself, find an interesting article from your top industry news source and share it. Or hire a freelance writer (trust us there are lots to choose from) to produce 3-5 original pieces a year, because “original” content is always best. We recommend that longer articles be about 500 words to be the most effective for SEO. But don’t let this guideline stop you from posting short pieces. Consistent posting is what is most important not necessarily length.

4-  Continue to add high quality backlinks to your website by sharing your original content with editors / publishers that cover your industry. Make sure you always try to get links from top publications in your industry with the most traffic . Quality links are always better than just any “link”.

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