How To Choose A Recruiter

Building relationships with recruiters might expose you to career opportunities that you may not learn about otherwise. Most employers do not advertise the positions they employ employers to help fill, that are usually a firm most senior and highest paying. Search executives to promote their services to companies, not job hunters. Identifying and liaison with recruiters who specialize in the area of expertise can be very useful – though candidates should keep in mind that employers are paid by the employer, and certainly will place that employer’s interests first. Such niche recruiters are not always simple to find, so job seekers may need to use creative tactics.

Here are a few ways of identifying employers who specialize in the area of expertise. Many senior professionals work with employers sooner or later in their careers as an applicant or customer. Ask the most experienced professionals in your network to refer you to the employers they know. Find out which companies hiring their employers use. In certain niche markets, you’ll find employers who just about work with all major players, so you will typically hear the same name several times. A good way to remain on an employer radar screen is to suggest names of prospects is known for jobs the recruiter is looking to fill, but for which you do not qualify., a free on-line job search source, has a report on employer directories, some free to users on-line, like Oya’s Directory of Recruiters, among others., from the Association of Executive Search Consultants, features a database in excess of 4, 000 recruiters from its member companies, along with some other features. Some free employer directories include,, and i You may also search for employers profiles online. Many employers have profiles on marketing sites like, and To find them, do a keyword search or ask other members for referrals. To find employers profiles, click the Advanced search tool on top of the home page for members.

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