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Here at NSG Consulting Inc., we strive to increase profits, brand awareness, and to have your company in the top spot.
When You Hire NSG Consulting Inc.
  1. Your key audience will do business with your company…not your competitors.
  2. Your company will see an increase in business.
  3. We are SO confident in our capabilities we do NOT have our clients sign a contract.


Our goal is to make sure everyone is looking at you!

Our Core Strengths Include
  1. Increasing search engines rankings and visibility.
  2. Creating content for Websites, Mobile, Social Media, Direct and E-Mail Mailing Marketing, as well as Advertising.
  3. Converting offline and online presence into sales.
  4. Finding the right tone for your company’s voice with the right music for your brands video and advertising.

About Chase, Nanette and Geoff Gregory

Senior Partners at NSG Consulting Inc.

Chase Gregory's Biography

Chase Gregory, Sr. Partner, is a former professional athlete where he was raised learning the craft of self-marketing and sales through sponsored brands. Chase has found a serious passion and a positive work ethic throughout the years of working with brands representing their products. He publishes his research and love for the automotive industry on his personal blog with a key focus is on marketing of brands we see every day on TV, radio, and the Internet. He joined NSG over three years ago and oversees development of brand recognition through development of PR, integrated social media programs, email marketing, copywriting, video and photography, media buying, and uses analytics to measure results.

Contact Chase Gregory

Phone: 407-340-8573

E-Mail: chase@nsgconsultinginc.com

LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/pub/chase-gregory


Nanette Gregory's Biography

Nanette Gregory, Sr. Partner, has over 15 years of experience helping companies increase sales with: Integrated Social Media Programs, Email & Direct Mail marketing, Search Engine Rankings— Most importantly she always uses analytics make sure every company is on the right track.

Contact Nanette Gregory

Phone: 407-432-7706

E-Mail: nanette@nsgconsultinginc.com

LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/pub/nanette-gregory


Geoff Gregory's Biography

Service – Superior Mechanical_Electrical Abilities and Problem Solver

Project Management – Implemented Million Dollar International Automation Sale

Strong Product Processing Knowledge

Sales – Domestic and International, Large OEM to Small Manufacturers

Solid Communication Skills: Conscience Listener

Presenter – Boardroom, Trade-shows, PowerPoint®

CAD/CAM – 3D/2D, Solid Works®, Solid Edge®, Ashlar Vellum®, AP100US/FabriWIN®, AutoCAD®

Self Motivated – Able to Handle Multiple Projects with Minimal Supervision

High Level of Computer Knowledge – PC and MAC, Relational Database (FileMaker Pro) , Social Media, E-Mail Marketing, Excel, Word, PowerPoint

Contact Geoff Gregory

Phone: 407-405-3255

E-Mail: geoff@nsgconsultinginc.com

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/pub/geoff-gregory

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